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Sakura Tohsaka

There is no such thing as "what if" in the Fate universe, only alternative routes.

Tsundere and not purple.

Sakura Tohsaka is the daughter of renowned magus Tokiomi Tohsaka. Unlike in Fate, she did not end up at the Matou household. Therefore, this Sakura has no link to Angra Mainyu nor had worms corrupting her body.

With her father dead and mother in an asylum, no other siblings around and never meeting Shirou, Sakura grew up living an isolated existence. Due to her lonely upbringing, Sakura often acts stern and uncomfortable around other people. She's really gentle and caring deep down but she has a sensitive temper. She is also incredibly shy and soft-spoken, finding it hard to show her real feelings about things, and often goes by unnoticed by people.



Sakura where have you been?

"T-that is classified information. I-I would say that I was burning down villages of my foes but father always told me that lying was never a thing a proud magus does. "

"If you must know, I was roaming around the world. I got stuck in the UK for a while…I-I can see why they are called @#!#!#! in the rural areas." 


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The younger one is just fine too. 


     I need an adult!

"Have no fears, Shirou. I am a legal adult. Even though I look like a 16 year old. This old lady shall do no harm to you!" 


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