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Sakura Tohsaka

There is no such thing as "what if" in the Fate universe, only alternative routes.

Tsundere and not purple.

Sakura Tohsaka is the daughter of renowned magus Tokiomi Tohsaka. Unlike in Fate, she did not end up at the Matou household. Therefore, this Sakura has no link to Angra Mainyu nor had worms corrupting her body.

With her father dead and mother in an asylum, no other siblings around and never meeting Shirou, Sakura grew up living an isolated existence. Due to her lonely upbringing, Sakura often acts stern and uncomfortable around other people. She's really gentle and caring deep down but she has a sensitive temper. She is also incredibly shy and soft-spoken, finding it hard to show her real feelings about things, and often goes by unnoticed by people.

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I squint. My Japanese is perfectly fine. Okay, maybe not at the moment, but that’s only because I’m a bit flustered at finding out that I’ve both committed a crime and made an innocent woman incredibly confused as to why I’ve invaded her home. It’s good enough at least to the point where I can understand what she was saying before.

But it doesn’t seem like arguing against that now will work, as she’s gone and screeched for a friend. Ow. My ears. They ring. In any case, this person speaks English, which I’m completely fluent in. It’s only Japanese that I have slight trouble with, and even then that’s minimal. At this point, I take a deep breath, face the short blonde woman, and respond.


"Hello. I am Eren. I entered this fine establishment under the pretense of confusion, as I did not know it was a private home. I humbly apologize and ask for your forgiveness in my trespassing." I say with a flourished bow.

"I see…You must have some skill to enter this house with all of it’s gates and other fancy locks. That is unless Shirou disabled them…Oh right. They were acting haywire and he was going to take a look at them…." Saber said trailing off topic like she did from time to time. 

However Saber continued to stare at Eren with distrust. “Eren, huh? I go by the name of Saber. The mistress is Miss Tohsaka. Unfortunately you committed the sin of making her scream…We’ll have to think of something to fix that issue.” 

Sakura just looked on, somewhat confused by what the two were saying. Her English was broken at best. “W-What are you talking about?” Sakura asked in Japanese. 


do you ever start writing a text post and halfway through you’re just like “nah” 

Kazumi the Magical Girl


If anyone is looking around for me, I’ll be on this blog for a bit. While I will still maintain this blog, I want to branch out of just the Type Moon fandom for a bit. I look forward to any of you that wish to RP with me with a different character.


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Crap. I thought this was some sort of museum or something. The gates were open to the point where I thought it, and the doors were unlocked. What was I supposed to think? Though, at this point, I realize I’m horribly wrong. Is this a crime? Did I just break and enter into someone’s house? Will I be arrested for this, and if that, would I be let off for not knowing? I’m not even a citizen here, so what then?

“Er, ah, uhm,” I sputter out, not even forming proper Japanese words. Flustered and completely out of it, I stiffen my back, place my arms directly at my sides, stare straight at her, and bow.


“Pardon my crappy Japanese! I mean, intrusion!” I nervously say right after.

—What is wrong with me. Out of all the phrases in my Japanese textbook, that one had to stick out most clearly to me in that moment? With my back still lowered and my eyes pressed together tightly in irritation towards myself, I can’t help but…sigh tiredly. I rise, stare at the woman for a few seconds, and then open my mouth to say something. Anything.


“Sorry,” I mutter. “I mistook your house for a museum. It looks very large and pretty. Confusion was easy.”

"Huh?" Sakura said. 

This man wasn’t speaking very good Japanese. She wished that she had paid closer attention in English class at this point! The only words she could mutter aloud in English was something like “Hello GI JOE, how are you?” That wasn’t going to be very useful. If Shirou were here, he could probably act as a go between….However, she then remembered that Saber could help!

"SABBBBBBBBBER-SAN!!!!" Sakura yelped. 

"Tohsaka-san…You don’t need to shout. Your yelps make my ear drums bleed with how high they are…" Saber said as she entered the room where Eren and Sakura were standing.

"Eh?" Saber said as she looked at Eren. That would certainly explain Sakura’s panicked yelp.  

"My friend cannot understand you. Since you’re European, I am going to assume you have some grasp on English? If not, I can also speak to you in German." Saber said while she frowned. 

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Sakura gave Eren a disapproving stare. Just who was this man anyway? Further more, how did he end up in her mansion? Sakura was a tolerable person, but this was just beyond rude. 

"E-Excuse me." She said. Her tone was uneasy but stern. "Who are you? This is not a public place for you be w-wandering around in. Did someone send for you to come here? I doubt that you are o-one of my relatives. So you’d better start explaining sir!"

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Plot Twist. You're now canon.

Well, I was for like….3 years of the other me’s life or something. 

But that’s okay. I am canon in some parallel world to the one you’re from. At least that’s how it works according to worlds of fiction…Oh drats, now I am rambling about metaphysics. 

I-I accidentally set a bread roll on fire. Then stabbed the bread roll with knife, I then ran across the living room and opened patio door. and finally kicked the burning bread roll over the fence.

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